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SaQuest Pure Raw Honey- Sheesham (Rosewood Flower)


SaQuest nature Honey is 100 % Pure, Natural, pesticide- free, antibiotic– free, handcrafted and passed a more sensitive Specific Marker for Rice syrup test (SMR) and this test is conducted to check the adulteration of rice syrup in honey, so check the SMR test report before buying. All our honey passed the SMR test. SaQuest nature honey offers a delicious taste with health – promoting properties. SaQuest nature honey comes in a reusable glass jars to retain freshness.

BIGGEST MYTH ABOUT HONEY: Honey which crystallizes is adulterated or bad quality, however, Pure honey tends to crystallizes

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SaQuest nature sheesham honey is 100 % natural, pure and cruelty – free honey that is extracted from the bee boxes by our beekeepers, where the nectar collected from sheesham flowers. Sheesham honey is very thick and has a mild sweet taste with floral notes.

Nutritional benefits of SaQuest nature Sheesham (Rosewood) honey:

  • Sheesham honey is used for toothache and gum problems
  • Controls Cholesteral levels.
  • Beneficial for women who have menstrual problems.
  • Perfect for bodybuilders when used with one spoon of honey after their workout with
  • Turmeric and salt.
  • Sheesham honey has fever- fighting properties and can assist cure fever.
  • Improves digestion and blood circulation.
  • Provides sore throat and cold.
  • Natural detoxifier.

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