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SaQuest Premium Almond Butter (Large pack- 300 G)



Our ultra premium handcrafted Almond butter is prepared in small batches with only one ingredient: Dry Roasted Almonds. Our Premium almonds are naturally sweet and oily, we don’t have to enhance the flavour by adding sugar, salt or stabilizing ingredients like palm oil and hydrogenated oil. We believe the recipe for success is a perfectly toasted and dry roasted almond until they are golden brown. We blend it and send it off to you! Our mouth- watering almond butter goes great with fruits, oats, smoothies, sandwich or snack.

All natural, vegan, gluten – free, diary- free, sugar- free, salt- free, no hydrogenated oil , no palm oil and no junk

No need to refrigerate. Oil separation is a natural process so swirl it up.

Rich source of protein, fiber, healthy fats , Vitamin E, Potassium , anti- oxidants and magnesium


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300 G

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