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Crafted exquisitely with carefully – selected ingredients, this gentle shampoo boosts the health of hair follicles and the scalp, deep cleanses, and leaves your hair soft and lustrous. After each use, your hair becomes fuller and shinier, and after one month of use, your hair will feel soft, radiant, and full of life again. This herbal shampoo is ideal for hair that’s naturally dry, or exposed to harsh, dry climates. It is a perfect recipe for dry dandruff, scalp infections & hair loss. SaQuest nature Hair Cleanser is well known for its superior hydration, restorative and RE – Inventing abilities thus heal damaged hair, give long and luscious hair without harmful and harsh chemicals, add volume and thickness in a gentle and natural way.

  • REDUCES DANDRUFF: The natural ingredients present in the shampoo effectively remove dandruff, flakes and itching from the scalp and restore perfect health of scalp.
  • MAKES HAIR SOFT: Due to presence of perfect natural and nourishing ingredients in the shampoo makes you hair soft and silky.
  • PREVENTS HAIR FALL: SaQuest nature Shampoo Prevents hair fall and provide you healthier and shinier hair. Ginger extract is an Ayurvedic treatment for hair which reduces hair loss.
  • STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH: It keeps scalp healthy & infection free while promoting hair growth. So RE- INVENT YOURSELF.
  • DIRECTION OF USE: Apply small amount of hair cleanser generously to wet hair, massage into creamy leather, leave for up to 5 minutes &rinse thoroughly.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Men & Women

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