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Eucalyptus Wild Flower Honey




Size: 450 ml, Taste: Eucalyptus
SMR Lab Tested Honey

Wildflower Eucalyptus Honey: Exquisite Taste of 100 % Pure, Unpasteurized, Unfiltered High in Antioxidants Wholesome natural , Specially harvested  Eucalyptus.

This dark colored honey is a powerful artisanal honey, It also allows you to replace sugar, whether in your drinks or in your yogurts and cottage cheeses. Our honey does not contain chemicals. Honey is known for its virtues, it is in fact an excellent natural remedy, it is an excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.

Wholesome’s Organic Honey comes straight from the hive. Our honeybees forage only on the natural wildflowers, far from GMOs or pollutants. The result is a deliciously decadent honey. Drizzle on warm biscuits, pancakes, cheeses, or Greek yogurt. Add it to salad dressings, protein shakes, smoothies, or your morning coffee for a burst of sweetness.

How to consume?
Take a teaspoon daily for energy support, mental clarity, athletic performance, and immune support or try it as a rejuvenating face mask to boost your natural glow.

Raw unfiltered honey comes with a number of additional benefits, such as an increased level of antioxidants, probiotics, and prebiotics. It’s essentially like normal honey but in its most powerful, potent form!

Wildflower honey is a natural anti-inflammatory with elevated anti-oxidant levels. Makes for an effective natural cough suppressant. As a natural humectant, it’s great for beauty applications as it retains moisture and calms irritated skin.


Raw Honigma Wildflower honey will often crystallize. This is a natural process. Crystallized honey is delicious as a spread and is preferred by many raw honey connoisseurs. Crystallization can be reversed by warming the closed honey jar in warm water until liquid.

All types of SaQuest honey are ethically sourced from beekeepers who practice sustainable beekeeping techniques, ensuring the bees are healthy and thriving while protecting the environment.

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